About Philip Cameron Ministries

Philip And Chrissie

Missionary-Evangelist Philip Cameron is a preacher, singer, author and founder of a far-reaching international ministry that has impacted nations such as his native Scotland, Romania, Moldova and beyond.

In 1976, Philip married his home-town sweetheart, Chrissie, in Peterhead, Scotland and they now live in Montgomery, Alabama. They have four children: Philip, Melody, Andrew and Lauren.


Music Ministry
For many years THE SINGING CAMERONS traveled the world in their Scottish kilts, ministering the Gospel in a unique way and bringing America such songs as “All Over The World” and “The Dancing Heart.” Philip continues to produce his own music and has written and recorded many songs, some in his native Scots dialect.

Household Salvation
Among Philip’s special burdens is to help Christians win all their loved ones to Christ. He has written four books on the subject of household salvation. Philip is the first male in the Cameron family for two hundred years never to have known the curse of alcoholism. When God began to move in the family, sixty-seven Camerons came to Christ in a short six-week period!

Philip has shared his vision for Household Salvation on nationally-aired radio and television boradcasts, connecting believers around the country in a campaign of prayer and outreach, touching literally millions of their unsaved loved ones.

Fort Faith at Brigadoon
A direct outgrowth of Philip’s burden for familes is Brigadoon Campground and Retreat Center. Brigadoon is all about family-oriented fun, fellowship and ministry. The Fort Faith camp area is an awesome place for churches to hold their Youth and Kid’s Camps, while the rest of the Brigadoon campus completes the picture with great facilities for adults and family-style lodging. Open year-round, Brigadoon is the perfect spot for Mens Retreats, Father-and-Son weekends, Womens groups and more.

New Hope for Scotland
Along with his late father, Rev. Simon Peter Cameron, Philip began a small Bible School in 1974 near his home town of Peterhead, Scotland. Over thirty years later, the ministry, now known as The New Hope Trust, continues to impact lives for Christ! When God first touched the Camerons, Simon declared that their family motto would be “Scotland for Christ!” That remains the prayer of our hearts today!

New Hope for Romania and Moldova
On a visit to Romania in 1990, just after the fall of Communism, Philip saw thousands of children warehoused in Romania’s orphanage system. Since then, Philip Cameron Ministries has helped thousands of children with: truckloads of food, medicines and other vital supplies, fuel to heat orphanages, sending medical professionals and providing vans for children and orphanage staff.

Bordering Romania is Moldova where Philip “adopted” another orphanage in the town of Hincesti. Children were literally freezing to death in their cribs — the year before Philip arrived, thirty children died during the brutally cold Moldovan winter, and sixteen more had perished that year. We are thrilled to report that not one child has perished from the cold since we began helping this orphanage! The orphanage in the village of Cupcui has been completely rebuilt; Hebron’s Hope, our Mission House nearby allows us to provide spiritual help and guidance to the kids.

Stella’s House
Stella’s House in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau provides refuge for teenage girls forced to leave the orphanages at age 16 — these girls would otherwise face a dangerous life on the streets, prey for sex traffickers and other criminals.The first Stella’s House opened in November 2006. Stella’s House 2 opened it’s doors in 2009 and Stella’s House 3 is expected to open early in 2010.

Around the World
Over the years the ministry has brought help to many in need, in places like Albania, aiding refugees from war-torn Kosovo; or in Turkey, helping earthquake victims; or Thailand, bringing hope and help to Tsunami victims. First, we bring urgently needed supplies to meet the physical necessities of life, then Philip has been able to touch countless lives for Christ through his compassionate heart and “faith-in-action” approach to sharing the Gospel.

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